Friday, 27 May 2011

Hatimu Milikmu Nera AF9

kenangan bersamamu yang takkan ku lupa... that's the sweet memory i ever had ...wif my luf hubby........

Saturday, 21 May 2011

this song make me forget about my paint!! yuna song's is The Best Ever

miss c Leo :(

here my soul..hehe love the way u are me hubby

this is the person i mean....miss n love him damn much..
no one gonna change your position u'r still number 1 ..
this guy always make me happy before...always make me :
*happy when me sad
*forget about my bad memory and
*many more
then the most i love about him is
always here when me need...
love u damn much...but
i'll happy if you happy even thought u not with me
hope u happy with HER and i got some information about your
soon to be held right.? hope you're happy
and i'll be here and always love u and i hope i can get someone like u my leo.

You’re still my love even if you’ve left me

It still hurts when I think of you

I think only about nice memories

i'm beginning to hate you
The time we’ve spent together feels like a dream
 a dream that i can feel but
it is just a lie
They’re not coming back, right?

You’re still my love even if you’ve left me

Will I be able to erase you?
I don't think I can

Will I be able to smile again when I see you?

I was really hurt when it happened

but it won't stop me
I will fight the agony you gave me
until I’m able to smile
But its time
its time to say Good Bye
Hottest Love, 
lot's of love leoridge

i miss u call me baby or sometime u called me beb....

i miss the way u care about me leo...u'r are my best couple i ever had that's why i'll always miss u also can't forget u even for a merely second... miss so damn much leo..and i love u more than u know..until now i still waiting for you because our relationship never end we've never break-up that's why i still love u my ..

love can make u happy in the same time can make u suffer...This i'v COPY someone post bcoz what she's said n write it's all like my life....sorry to copy but I just want to express my feelings when I feel manipulated by someone...

i still here waiting for you my love LEORIDGE JONAS

The way u came.
And the way u left.
So, go away now.


I did let u go

But can't u see?
That I am still loving u 

Its because of me
Its all me
That u've changed
But i'll be back
I know that we will be together again

You and i
Forever and ever

A friend asked me 
Is it okay for her to want u?
Well, I can't say no
Knowing that there's nothing
Between us

But U can
And u must say no
U can't agree to her 
Say that u miss me
Say that u want me

So I told her
How much u hate talking about breakups
How much u Love playing games
And how sweet u used to be when u first met me
I also told her to take good care of my boyfriend

The one I love most
The one I think of most
The one I cannot live without

I'll be back baby
Because I know no other girl can love u more than I do 
Will I ever stop waiting?
No way

I'm yours
You're mine
U said these to me

I want us to be like we used to,
In the mall
Holding each other hands
And me resting on your chest,
Lets go back to those days
Where I even hold u in my dreams

I'll be back, baby 
just please tell me a lie
That u want me too
So I can live the dream as reality 
Again again
Like the first time 

i still keep all your Mcg..

your sweet say's!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

i saw him :(

when i want to go get some food with my best friend i saw him... oh my god when i saw him i just want to say to him I MISS U so much..but i can't do nothing there because he's just ignore me....ermmm what can i do more?? i just want to make a new life new love with new person.....i don't want to think about him anymore....i thought he's already forget me totally ..............i just u want to know i will forget about u but i'll NEVER forget what u say and what u promise with me before...i promise i CAN forget u but i'm so sorry because i can't FORGET ABOUT ALL OUR SWEET MEMORY......

i miss all moment waktu kita pegi dating di BATU PAYUNG then kta duduk d jambatan n i fell so happy time tu coz u hug me....after that kita duduk d ayunan then crita2x dlm pelukan u... i miss you so much....
 remember this place ?? i miss this moment... hehehe tmpat dating kita kn..heeeeeee
i love you my LOVE

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Muzicons - Music Widgets for Blogs, MySpace, LiveJournal, and More

Muzicons - Music Widgets for Blogs, MySpace, LiveJournal, and More

Muzicons - Music Widgets for Blogs, MySpace, LiveJournal, and More

Muzicons - Music Widgets for Blogs, MySpace, LiveJournal, and More

miss u damn much but in the same time hate u too much!!!

today i fell like want to hug u... want to get your kisses and want to hear your smoothly voice then your whisper on my ear............. miss all moment with you ..why u leave me just like that?? i miss everything about you... why you change? i know u getting Engagement but u have told me about this before right?? when i said i want to go somewhere...which the place i can't see both of you but u said please don't  go i need u here??!! but when i make a decision to stay here and now u're gone?!! what the hell with u?? u want to fool me or what?? what u get when u make my life suffer without u by my side?? !!! i miss u a lot leo.... when i see u i fell like someone which lose the way u know because i love u so much and i'm missing u LEORIDGE!!!!!!!!!........
anyway if u chose the way like this i just can't say anything bcoz this is what u want right?? so hope u happy always with her!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

this song know what i fell when LEO leave me just like that. i miss u leoridge

Monday, 16 May 2011

the PERSON make my life suffer

i love this boy so much but he's never care about that....first we're just friend not more than....but after a few month we've know each other i'v fall in love with him and also him fall in love with me to. we're couple then after 1 week i got know which he's already have a relationship with someone else and i'm blank don't know what must i do?? then i make a decision to still with him and that was the most stupid decision i EVER made in my life...after 2 days i say's : let me go and forget about all of this then go to your girlfriend and loyal with her BUT he's said i don't want i still want to see u and love u my baby...and after that our relationship still go on until now but he's already change 100%.. NEVER call me or message me some text...and i don't know what he's motif to do that? i fell like looser right know..he had to appeal to this relationship and now he is gone just like that ... Ihate him ... he really made ​​me not so sure the current ...
i also hate that ****** to!!