Saturday, 21 May 2011

love can make u happy in the same time can make u suffer...This i'v COPY someone post bcoz what she's said n write it's all like my life....sorry to copy but I just want to express my feelings when I feel manipulated by someone...

i still here waiting for you my love LEORIDGE JONAS

The way u came.
And the way u left.
So, go away now.


I did let u go

But can't u see?
That I am still loving u 

Its because of me
Its all me
That u've changed
But i'll be back
I know that we will be together again

You and i
Forever and ever

A friend asked me 
Is it okay for her to want u?
Well, I can't say no
Knowing that there's nothing
Between us

But U can
And u must say no
U can't agree to her 
Say that u miss me
Say that u want me

So I told her
How much u hate talking about breakups
How much u Love playing games
And how sweet u used to be when u first met me
I also told her to take good care of my boyfriend

The one I love most
The one I think of most
The one I cannot live without

I'll be back baby
Because I know no other girl can love u more than I do 
Will I ever stop waiting?
No way

I'm yours
You're mine
U said these to me

I want us to be like we used to,
In the mall
Holding each other hands
And me resting on your chest,
Lets go back to those days
Where I even hold u in my dreams

I'll be back, baby 
just please tell me a lie
That u want me too
So I can live the dream as reality 
Again again
Like the first time 

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  1. Break my heart
    destroy my soul
    leave me crying
    i'd still love you
    i won't expect you to
    love me in return ...