Friday, 20 May 2011

i saw him :(

when i want to go get some food with my best friend i saw him... oh my god when i saw him i just want to say to him I MISS U so much..but i can't do nothing there because he's just ignore me....ermmm what can i do more?? i just want to make a new life new love with new person.....i don't want to think about him anymore....i thought he's already forget me totally ..............i just u want to know i will forget about u but i'll NEVER forget what u say and what u promise with me before...i promise i CAN forget u but i'm so sorry because i can't FORGET ABOUT ALL OUR SWEET MEMORY......

i miss all moment waktu kita pegi dating di BATU PAYUNG then kta duduk d jambatan n i fell so happy time tu coz u hug me....after that kita duduk d ayunan then crita2x dlm pelukan u... i miss you so much....
 remember this place ?? i miss this moment... hehehe tmpat dating kita kn..heeeeeee
i love you my LOVE

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