Thursday, 19 May 2011

miss u damn much but in the same time hate u too much!!!

today i fell like want to hug u... want to get your kisses and want to hear your smoothly voice then your whisper on my ear............. miss all moment with you ..why u leave me just like that?? i miss everything about you... why you change? i know u getting Engagement but u have told me about this before right?? when i said i want to go somewhere...which the place i can't see both of you but u said please don't  go i need u here??!! but when i make a decision to stay here and now u're gone?!! what the hell with u?? u want to fool me or what?? what u get when u make my life suffer without u by my side?? !!! i miss u a lot leo.... when i see u i fell like someone which lose the way u know because i love u so much and i'm missing u LEORIDGE!!!!!!!!!........
anyway if u chose the way like this i just can't say anything bcoz this is what u want right?? so hope u happy always with her!

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